Reworking some jpegs….

Yesterday, I decided to rework an image, called Flower Bells,  that was taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ-48 camera.  I was really impressed with what Lightroom could do to images that was originally taken in jpeg format.

So I thought I would try some others


Taken at Eltham Palace Gardens..


Taken at Sissinghurst Castle


Taken at Whipsnade Zoo


Taken at Nymans


Taken at Polesden Lacey

4 thoughts on “Reworking some jpegs….

  1. Another set of excellent monochrome conversions. I particularly like the bench and door at Sissinghurst, a wide range of textures and tones.
    The poor little chap at Whipsnade gets a little lost in the background but still has nice furry texture.


    1. I know Mike.. I keep shooting new things.. and playing around with old shots… Other half laughs at me cos, I just can’t stop clicking (as he puts it).. When we come home from anywhere we have visited.. he asks how many hundreds of shots have you taken today. He knows when I am not feeling too good.. I am within ±50 of his.. :D


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