Going back to my roots


Going back to my roots

As we strolled, or more in my case ambled,  around Wakehurst Place on Sunday, I came across this tree and what caught my eye was the bare roots…  amongst the thick roots were these tiny twisted roots that seemed to delicate to hold up this giant tree.

Taken: 21st April, 2013
Location: Wakehurst Place
Camera: Canon EOS11o0D
F Stop: f/11
Exposure: 1/320sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 55mm
Max Aperture: 5

3 thoughts on “Going back to my roots

    1. I haven’t seen that film… Mind you where we went today Eltham Palace I can imagine that being used in a film,even though it rained the opulence of the house was amazing… I loved the lighting they had in the rooms.. And that Palace is like a maze with rooms shooting off here there and everywhere. You could easily get lost in there. :D


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