Delayed Spring


Delayed Spring

Well here we are nearly 5 months into 2013 and the seasons are all up the shoot.  Yes we are just about a week away from May and the trees are just starting to get their blossom and the branches are just beginning  to bare their new leaves.

IMG_3952It was really evident how much the seasons were out of cater… as we strolled around Wakehurst Place and how waterlogged the ground still is.  I went to take a picture of a flower and found myself sinking into the ground.

And just when we thought the weather was about to break and the sun would be more constant.. yep you guessed it, the weatherman dampens our expectations by saying the weather is going to change for the weekend and get cooler… now what a surprise… NOT.

Mind you it was nice to see the Daffodils out and standing tall… it was the first sign of spring last weekend and it was a glorious day to be out and about..  It made spring seem as if it was worth waiting for.

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