Ightham Mote

Something about wood…

Ightham Mote
Ightham Mote

Something about wood…

We are both members of the National Trust, and we regularly go to their various homes and gardens to take our photos.  Unfortunately, in some of the National Trust houses you are not permitted to take photographs.. which is rather a shame.

But on saying that there are some that you can take photographs of, providing you don’t use a flash.

Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle

Two of the places you can take photographs in are Ightham Mote and Scotney Castle.  The picture on the left is from Scotney Castle and it is taken are you look through one of the doors into another room..

What I loved about this picture is the way the door frame seemed to frame the carvings in the other room and the elegant ceiling.

The doors are heavy and you can just see the elegant carvings above the door.

Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle

The picture on the right is also from Scotney Castle and it was taken in the Dining Room.. you can clearly see the wood panelling on the walls and the carvings.  Such talent of a craftsman, when you think all of this is probably hand carved.

The main picture was taken at Ightham Mote, and it is from the landing as you go upstairs.. What I love about these pictures is the warmth of the wood.. mind you on saying that it is nice to go and see, but I prefer light and airy spaces (so I can’t image myself ever wanting to live in these places.. I like my modern day comforts too much).. Dark wood does tend to make rooms rather claustrophobic and dark, but on the other hand it adds to the drama and period in which those rooms were designed.

However, on saying that, you can’t deny the beauty and the intensity of the wood and the way it just makes these grand houses look so enchanting and surreal.

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