Colour or Monochrome?

P1040468 P1040468-2

Colour or Monochorme?

I just can’t make my mind up whether I prefer the colour picture or the Monochrome one. I like both but there is something about the colour one that is drawing my eye to it.. Now I have asked the better half, but you know what men are like.. can’t make their minds up at times.

Anyway the choice is down to you.. (to view the larger images click on the image)

Oh.. before I forget this picture was taken at Nymans in West Sussex.

9 thoughts on “Colour or Monochrome?

    1. Yes the colours bring the picture to life.. As I stood taking this picture, I can remember the sweet smell of lavender… so it was sheer bliss … beautiful scenery and wondrous aroma.


  1. I’m inclining towards the colour one but I think it depends on what impression you’re trying to create. If you’re aiming to evoke the (late Victorian) era of the family that lived at Nymans, then the monochrome version fits the bill better.


    1. Yes the black and white picture does evoke the (late Victorian) era… I hadn’t thought of it that way.. but I still can’t make my mind up totally. One minute it is definitely the colour version that grabs my attention and next it is the black and white.


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