Let’s macro Stewie..


Let’s macro Stewie..

Between us for Christmas last year, with the money people gave hubby and I, we decided to treat ourselves to a new lens.  The burning question was do we buy a wide angled lens or a macro one.

Well we went around the camera shop, Jessops (sadly now departed) and sought their advice as to which lens to buy.  Well the best of the best was, to put it bluntly, right out of our price range and we left the shop more confused as to which lens to buy.

When we walked in we had a couple of lenses in our minds…. when we left we were more undecided which one than when we went in.. so instead of buying on impulse and regretting it, we came home, and I sat hubby down in front of the PC and said, “Google”.

canon 2.8 macro lensWell he did, and he read the reviews of what people had written about the various lenses they had bought and after hours of research, the lens that kept getting the good reviews, that was within our price range, was the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro lens.

So that was it, we were decided, so then the next task, find the bargains. Well there were a couple of sites that stocked this lens at a very low price, but the write-ups about poor delivery, put us off about ordering.  So we went to the good old faithful of ours Amazon… (now I don’t care what tax they pay, I just love their cheap prices.  Anyway who pays more tax than they have to… if the tax system is wrong is it not Amazons fault, it is the fault of the Government for not implementing a tax system without loop holes.  Anyway that’s another story).

Yes we found the lens and we found it at a very reasonable price… order placed, now to wait delivery and wrap it up for Christmas.

The reason we chose the macro lens over the wide angled lens is because I do love to take pictures of flowers… and I can’t wait for spring and summer to get here, so that I can try this new lens out properly.

dogs noseOne of the reviews that hubby had read on the Amazon site, apart from it being an excellent lens for taking close up pictures of flowers etc… it is also a good lens to use for portrait photography.

So yes you guessed it, Stewie, was the subject matter.. along with Dumpling who was totally fed up of being told to stay and having her picture taken.  Stewie, however was more obliging and was quiet happy to sit in the chair and be the photographer’s subject.  Mind you was it being obedient or was it the biscuits that he knew he was getting as a reward.

As you can see from the picture above, the lens is brilliant, for portrait photography and I love the detail it catches… Those fine hairs on Stewie’s nose really do stand out and have so much detail in them.

All in all… so far we are pleased with this lens… just can’t wait to use it on all those trees that are in blossom and flowers that have such intensifying colours….

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