Clandon Park


Clandon Park House Entrance

August 2012 didn’t start off to be a good month for us, simply because we lost our beloved dog Bo at the age of 10½ years.  He died the last day of July during our two weeks holiday.  We were so looking forward to having a break and getting out and about, but things were tainted with great sadness.

We, hubby and I, couldn’t bear to be in the house without our Bo, and so we made the best of our holiday together and decided to go to some of the National Trust places we had never been.  One of those places we visited was Clandon Park, in Surrey.  Up bright and early, hoping that the weather man was wrong and we wouldn’t be plagued with rain, off we set.  Cameras packed and dark sunglasses for me, cos my eyes were a total mess, and no amount of make-up could disguise the red, puffy swollenness.

As we arrived, the heavens opened, so we nipped into the main house and visited the Military Museum in honour of the Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment, which describes life through centuries for an infantry soldier.  The museum is situated on the ground floor and is well worth a visit should ever you visit Clandon Park.

Also on the ground floor is the cafe, offering a wide range of meals and snacks… which if I have to say myself, serves up a lovely cup of coffee.

After visiting the museum we sat in the cafe until the rain stopped and then we made our way to the Main House.. The entrance is grand as you can see from the above picture.  I just loved the architecture and can just imagine horses and carriages arriving with their occupants all dressed ready for some grand ball or occasion. Personally I don’t like period dramas, but I could just imagine Clandon Park being one of those locations that could be high on a directors list to film such elegance and grace of days gone by.

As you enter into the main house, you are greeted with the most grandest of Halls I have ever seen.. The whole entrance hall is done with marble.

Above are some photos of the main hall, and you can see the opulence and detail that has gone into the carvings of this grand marble hall.  It was breathtaking and I could just imagine living in a place like that.. such beauty.

Unfortunately, the only place where photographs are permitted was in the Main Marble Hall, which is rather a shame because the rooms are grand and full of period features. I would have loved to capture some images for the readers of this blog.. but rules are rules.

After we toured the house, luckily the weather held and we had sunshine.. we strolled around the gardens, both formal and informal as well as the sunken walled Dutch garden which was created by Frances, Countess of Onslow in the late 19th century.

Within the formal gardens is the Maori Meeting House, with its wood carvings and it is set in such an elegant spot.

To the far end of the gardens in a tree lined walk that leads you into the nearby Church of St Peter and St Paul.

So if ever you are in Surrey, or near Clandon Park Hall, well pop in and visit.  You will love the wide open spaces of the surrounding gardens and the quaint features that are set within the gardens.  There are a vast variety of flowers to photograph amongst the formal hedged borders… and believe me you will be blown away with the sheer opulence of the Marble Hall… I know I was.

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