Nymans House


Nymans House

Taken: 21st October 2012
Location: Nymans
Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ-48
F Stop: f/4
Exposure: 1/160 sec
ISO: 160
Focal Length: 12mm
Max Aperture: 3.4453125

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Middle aged, married with a grown up son and living in the United Kingdom in the County of Kent which is known as the Garden of England. My life's ambition would be to retire somewhere picturesque, somewhere with wonderful scenery and views that would give this amateur photographer, great inspiration

5 thoughts on “Nymans House”

    1. Believe it or not Harmony it is actually a single jpeg photo, processed in Lightroom 4.. How I achieved it was by putting the Highlights to -100 and the Shadows to +100 and then the clarity up to +100 and then playing with the blacks and whites and the tint and temperature till I got what I wanted to achieve.. I just love Lightroom 4. I also have Photoshop Elements 10 and am just beginning learn that.


    1. At the moment Harmony I am just getting to grips with what the sliders do in Lightroom :D but when I get fully conversant with that I will then master Photoshop Elements. Have done a couple of things in Elements, how I managed it I don’t know…


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