Night time feel….

Sometimes you see a picture and it is missing something… and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Well this happened to me today… there was something not quite right with this picture. And then it dawned on me it lacked drama.


So how could I add some drama?

Firstly I had to decide what type of drama I wanted and I wanted a night time feel to the picture.  So I took the above image to Photoshop and then added the following as a texture.

Leather Texture

I then lowered the opacity and fill until I got the sort of texture I wanted.

Then I created a layer mask and went over the castle removing the texture and adjusted the exposure with the brush until I got the desired effect I was looking for.

And here is the final image.


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I’m the Duck of the Castle…

As we went to enter the castle at Bodiam via the bridge, standing there just having its picture taken was this duck.  In fact as you stroll around Bodiam Castle within the grounds there are many ducks and much wildlife.  As we sat at the table outside the cafe the ducks were walking around and scooping up any crumb they could find.

I did have to laugh there was a scramble for a nugget of bread between a sparrow and duck and believe it or not the sparrow won.


The Arches at Bodiam…

On Good Friday we decided to take ourselves off to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. We had visited the castle once before, and as my hip was aching like crazy, Bodiam seemed the ideal place because it is primarily on the flat.

Even though the sun was in the sky, believe me, it was jumper weather.  It was cold there, but that was’t going to deter us from taking some photographs.

The following photograph was taken within the Castle and it is of two arches.  What I love about the photograph are the colours of arches and surrounding stonework and how they made a great entrance to various parts of the castle.  Even though the inside of the castle is mostly ruins, you can just imagine the living quarters in their full glory.


The Moat at Scotney

This picture was taken at Scotney Castle on Saturday… even though the weather wasn’t the warmest we still had great fun.

Scotney Castle Revisited…

Scotney Castle Revisited…

Today we decided to go back to one of our favourite National Trust places and that was Scotney Castle, in Kent.  Although the weather wasn’t wall to wall sunshine, and it was a lot colder than yesterday… nothing stopped us enjoying the wonderful views and splendours of the house.


The following picture was taken of the moat that surrounds the old castle and its grounds.


As we queued up to enter the house, there were these tulips that stood either side of the main entrance door.


I just loved the vibrance as they stood there with the beautiful stonework as their backdrop.

As we strolled around the house, on the dressing table in one of the rooms stood these wonderful flowers.


More photographs of Scotney Castle can be found here

Bodiam revisited…

Bodiam revisited…

Back in June 2012 we visited Bodiam Castle… and today we decided to revisit Bodiam.  Only this time we didn’t do the Steam Train ride (more the shame) and either though there was some blue sky… there was definitely a nip in the breeze.

Here is a selection of pictures we took today.

IMG_6191This is Bodiam Castle looking through the trees that surround a section of the moat.


Inside the castle upon one of the walls are these markings… shame they are modern.


And what I love about Bodiam is the spectacular countryside that surrounds it.



The above picture I have decided to add a texture to… I hope you like the result…