Bodiam revisited…

Bodiam revisited…

Back in June 2012 we visited Bodiam Castle… and today we decided to revisit Bodiam.  Only this time we didn’t do the Steam Train ride (more the shame) and either though there was some blue sky… there was definitely a nip in the breeze.

Here is a selection of pictures we took today.

IMG_6191This is Bodiam Castle looking through the trees that surround a section of the moat.


Inside the castle upon one of the walls are these markings… shame they are modern.


And what I love about Bodiam is the spectacular countryside that surrounds it.



The above picture I have decided to add a texture to… I hope you like the result…


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Kent Countryside

Kent Countryside – A pain to photograph at times

Don’t you just hate it? When you see fields of bright yellow rape seed blowing in the wind and looking so vibrant and you can’t take the shot. You know what I mean, there you are driving along and you see these beautiful fields full of yellow and there is nowhere to stop so that you can take the photo.


And when you do find somewhere to stop, you have at least a twenty minute hike to get back to where you saw the ideal shot.

Living in England our country roads barely, at times, allow one car to drive down the road in safety, yet alone allow a parked car blocking the way.  Yes we have patches of dirt where cars drive to the side to allow others to pass… but generally these have hedges which stop your view.  So it is no good pulling in there… and to be honest it is not wide enough to use as a place to park… as when passing you only have a paper width of space between you and the oncoming vehicle.

Even if you hit the A roads you find that they are classed as clearways and you can’t pull up.  And lay-bys are now few and far between.

Well yesterday, we found our ideal spot… and God knows where it was… but we found it.  You see we went to Dover Castle yesterday and decided to stop off for lunch.  So instead of sticking to the A2, we went on a magical mystery tour.

Well actually, the other half found a sign which said Ashley, so off he went in search of his namesake.  Yes we went through Ashley after going down miles and miles of country road (cue Olivia Newton-John singing Country Roads), passing through Ripple, Suddle and Little Mongham.  Anyway we must have gone through Ashley without noticing it because as we headed along one country road, one sign said Ashley back that way. :D

Then we found the perfect location, we found a piece of land that allowed us to park the car off of the road, and then off we went to capture some field shots of the rape seed oil being grown.


When finished we drove just around the corner and over this little bridge to head for somewhere to eat… and then we came across a windmill.  That was it it.. luck was once again on our side and we found a place to pull up and take some pictures of the windmill.


That was overlooking a rape see field (above picture).

Although I like the clear blue sky, to me it seemed as if it needed some clouds… I could have put them in by using a Photoshop brush, but I thought I would find a cloud picture, lower the opacity and fill and use this cloud photo as texture.  I then removed the clouds from the parts of the picture I didn’t want by using a layer mask.


Which then gave me the final result ….


All about the texture …. Leeds Castle

All about the texture …. Leeds Castle

Back in March we went to Leeds Castle, near Maidstone in Kent.  One of the photographs we took was this one, showing the side of the castle and the moat.


It was a bright sunny day and although it was chilly, the bright blue skies with their white fluffy white clouds added to the drama of the photos we took.

Although I am impressed with the above feature… I just couldn’t help myself and added a linen looking texture to the photograph.


I don’t know about you but I do like the textured picture… it is something that I would consider having put on canvas.  We plan to revisit in the summer, so that we can capture the summer flowers and a quaint garden just by a picturesque cottage.

From Bark to Washed-Out Bluebells

From Bark to Washed-Out Bluebells

Previously I had posted a picture of swaths of bluebells at Emmetts Garden.  This year, however, there didn’t seem to be as many as there was back in 2012. I don’t know. whether it was because of the horrible weather we suffered earlier in the year or because they are late blooming; but we didn’t seem to get many shots showing the abundance of bluebells like in previous years.

Looking through the photos we took on Saturday, I spotted this picture taken by hubby as he strolled the hillside searching out bluebells.


Then as I viewed the rest of our collection of photographs taken on Saturday at Emmetts Garden, I noticed that hubby must have taken a picture of bark on a tree.


Then came the brainstorm… what if I use the bark as a texture to the bluebells picture? What would happen?  So off to Photoshop I went after doing my adjustments in Lightroom (getting rid of the purple blurred bluebell in the left hand bottom corner) and added the bark picture as a new layer.  I used the normal mode and just lowered the opacity to 39%.

I then saved the picture in Photoshop, which automatically then added it back to Lightroom for me (oh don’t you love intelligent software).  One more final touch of the picture in Lightroom by adding a vignette and lo and behold here is the final result.


The bluebells remind me as if they are being washed out and melting into the picture.  I quite like the final photo.

Do you use textures in your photographs? And if so, what are your blending techniques?  Do you have a favourite texture that appeals to you more than any other?